The Aggregate Identifiers which are broadly speaking the "things" in the football league project system to which events can occur. These are both actual entities in the traditional sense - things like teams, players and so on but also more abstract entities like leagues, seasons and so on.

For each aggregate identifier we either need to identify a business specific unique identifier that already exists or supply a unique number (or GUID) to uniquely identify that aggregate.

  • Team - Uniquely identified by team name. (No two teams in any league may have the same name)
  • Division - Uniquely identified by the division name.
  • Player - Identified by a system generated unique player registration number. (Player name is not guaranteed to be unique).
  • Season - Identified by year the season starts.
  • Game - Identified by a system unique number.
  • Referee - identified by a system generated unique number.

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