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Project Description
A project to create an IDE template, plug ins, documentation and related material to facilitate the rapid creation of CQRS based solutions on Azure

This project is intended to provide a quick start IDE template and plug in and various documentation, techniques and so on to allow the rapid creation of CQRS based projects sitting on Windows Azure.

The project comes in two parts - the first deliverable is a set of libraries defining the interfaces and underlying classes to be used by any application that is based on the CQRS architecture and uses Event Sourcing and which is to be hosted on an Azure back end.

The second deliverable is a visual studio designer, similar in concept to the entity framework designer that developers are familiar with. This will facilitate the code generation of Aggregates (aggregate roots) , Events and Projections which will build the underlying model of a CQRS / ES based application. This will mean using Tools and Designers so that the model can be assembled visually inside the IDE.

In addition to the IDE tools, this project will include a set of examples intended to demonstrate the design decisions to make and the advantages accruing from using the CQRS architecture.

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